How to recover deleted messages on Facebook

 Need to recover deleted messages on Facebook?

Facebook Inbox

We receive Facebook messages almost daily especially if you have so many friends. From all of those many messages there are some that we find very important and we wanted to keep.

What if you accidentally deleted those important messages from your Facebook inbox. Can you still recover them?  Well here are just some Facebook members that are looking for some solid answers on how to recover deleted messages on Facebook.

Facebook Messages

Facebook Message Recovery Tool v1.2

Facebook Email Recovery

Facebook Message Recovery Features

  1. Abilities to recover Deleted Facebook messages.
  2. Retrieval Span ( Last Week, 2 Weeks, 30 days and 60 Days )
  3. Receive your deleted messages on your email.

This software will let you recover your deleted messages on Facebook. You just need to provide the email that will receive the recovered messages. The messages will not appear on your Facebook message box but will be sent to the email that you have entered on the software. The video instructions are included on the PDF and software download below.

Facebook Messages

In order to effectively recover your messages, you may need to download this complete Facebook Message Recovery Guide that you can download on the link below.

Download PDF file


How to know who view your profile on Facebook

Need to know who view your profile on Facebook?

Few weeks ago a working Facebook profile counter was released. This profile counter will let you know who view your Facebook profile page.  Here is the video demonstration of the software.

[jwplayer config=”Rey” mediaid=”247″]

Download Profile Counter

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