How to extract rar files with password

Need to know how to extract Rar files with password?

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Rar files that are password protected are created to protect the file from unauthorized opening. But there are cases that you have forgotten the password that you have assigned for the said rar file. When this happened you need to use other means of extracting the rar file without using password.

You can extract RAR files using 3rd party software’s to extract the Rar files with passwords.

RAR Password Unlocker

rar unlocker

You can do this by using RAR Password recovery software. The licensed software cost about $19.95 but you can download the trial version for free on their official site. RAR Password Unlocker site

The trial version has some limitations. You can only unlock the first 3 digits of the password. But this is not enough if you have a password that is more than 3 digits. Well encrypted passwords usually has 8 or more password digits.

Rar Password Recovery Magic

RAR Password Recovery Magic

RAR Password Recovery Magic has also a demo version that is free to try on But just like RAR Password Unlocker the RAR Password Recovery Magic had some bad customers reviews.

If both the above software’s are not working then you have only one software to use to unlock your RAR files with password. This software has probably the best software to unlock your RAR files with password. The success rate for this unlocker is 98.7%. This software has no demo version but it is free for site members only. You cannot download the RAR unlocker if you are not a member of the exclusive site.

TheĀ  software is called RAR 360 Password Decripter. To be able to download this software you need to download a pdf file that tells you on how to download the software properly.

Download RAR Password Recovery Guide

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